Mr. Zero is the name for a improvisational music project to record and archive improvisational solo piano played by Nick Spencer. The music is focused on groove music incorporating jazz, blues and many other genres. These styles provides a platform to shift through many musical settings that lend themselves to improvisation and creative abandonment. It is the improvisational aspect of Mr. Zero that is at the heart of any set played by Nick Spencer. It is music with rules and rules to be broken. The songs serve as both influences and launch areas to that improvisational zone. Using everything from jazz riffs to blues licks, from inside to outside playing, Nick Spencer searches for what is possible in improvisation music to produce the power of the moment. From the voices of Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis, Nick Spencer pays dues to the echoes of the past in order to brew contemporary sounds from the roots of America music. Come to one of the dates in the calendar. I invite you to watch the video of my featured session, which will be updated on this site monthly. If you are interested in booking a date, contact Nick Spencer for more information by going to Bookings.

Thanks, -Nick Spencer in Washington DC (a.k.a. Mr. Zero)
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